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Membership Rewards



The American Association of Corporate Optometrists is pleased to offer AACO ASSETS to show our appreciation to our loyal and active members. Members earn rewards and stipends simply by engaging with AACO.

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Rewards Program Details


Anniversary Reward

Points are awarded one-time, after completion of each milestone year. As you complete consecutive years as a member, you will earn the number of points listed. Membership must be a contiguous to earn the reward points. If the membership is not renewed by the grace deadline of March 30, then the membership anniversary date will reset.

Year 5 = 25 points

Year 10 = 50 points

Year 15 = 75 points

Early Renewal

Renew your membership before January 31st  each year to earn 25 points.

New Member Renewal

Complete the first year of membership and renew your membership by February 28th to earn 10 points.



Membership Recruitment

Earn points by recruiting new AACO members! Must be a new (not a renewal), paid member in category Regular Level 1 or Associate. New member must list the referring member on membership application.

1-2 New Members = 50 points total

3-5 New Members = 75 points total

6 + New Members = 150 points total



Board & Committee Positions

Be rewarded for serving on the AACO Board of Directors and volunteer committees.

President = Lifetime Membership

Executive Board = 150 points

Chair a Committee/Task Force = 50 points

Serve on Committee/Task Force = 25 points



Set up a free webpage by using our professionally designed template = 25 points

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When you like us, we reward you!

AACO award one point for each post that a follower likes. The person that ‘likes’ a post must be a follower of AACO Facebook page.

One like = 1 point = $2.00

Maximum points per year = 10 points ($20 max)

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Conference Attendance

Earn reward points by registering and attending AACO conferences. 

AACO Annual Conference = 75 points

AACO Regional Events = 25 points 

(Includes AACO @ SECO and AACO @ GWCO) 

Attendance Stipend

All current AACO members who register and pay to attend the AACO Annual Conference will qualify.

To qualify, members will complete the following: 

  • Register for an AACO meeting by early registration deadline 

  • Reserve hotel room in AACO room block by the deadline, using the registration link or code provided

  • Arrive on-time on the first day of the event and attend the first session (and all following CE sessions) 

  • Get ‘passport book’ stamped from each exhibitor 

  • Complete the assigned 10-minute vendor appointment sessions 

  • Fully participate in the entire meeting (all CE sessions, Awards Gala, Members Business Meeting) 

  • Stipend amount will be determined by how many members qualify for stipend per event.



Submit an article for publication AACO's flagship magazine = 25 points

Redemption Of Points

AACO Rewards, 1 point = $2.00 in membership value.

Reward points carry no cash redemption value and may only be used as a rebate toward member dues.

Points may be redeemed for a rebate from members next year’s dues renewal.

Members may earn up to a maximum of 150 points per member per year for credit.

The member points will re-set to 0 January 1st of each year, points do not accrue.

Rebate payments will be calculated and paid in Q2 of each year.

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